Sunday, August 30, 2015

The fruity end

my name matters not.what matters is my story, the most gruesome tale. today began a great day;I went to the gym, I played, I laughed I was merry.I had no idea the whores which would befall me later on today.when I got home I thought of being productive and cleaned my apartment, I even figured I would fix my computer. my computer had been having a heating issue and I wanted to reapply my thermal paste. due to a combination clumsiness and sausage finger genetics, the thermal paste instead fell into the CPU socket. this life changing moment came with no grace. my childhood companion who had been by my side for years is now.....gone.I am left without keyboard, relying upon Google Voice to create this post. should other post follow they will likely be similar to today's post...with tales of gyming and not gaming on a computerbut instead eating fruit loops drinking beer and watching once upon a time... As I slowly slip further into insanity. buckle up kids.

1 comment:

  1. PROVE! TO! ME!
    this finite existence
    is more XX-citing
    than eternally savvy,
    sassy, kick-some-ass,
    and I'll gitcha
    a pitcher-O-beer
    Upstairs, bro.
    No charge.
    Im buds withe Owner.